Top 10 Most Watched Cartoon Shows of All Time in India

Welcome Back Friends with a Top 10 Most Watched Cartoon Shows of All Time in his childhood. Children Likes to watch cartoons because the character of cartoon is in the way they can easily understand. In India Doordarshan was the first channel to introduce Cartoon Shows in India Because in 90’s Only Doordarshan was Primary channel for Indians. There are many Cartoon Shows I still remember Like Mowgli, Tale spin , Duck Tales, Alladin and many more was full entertain for us in our childhood days.

After Doordarshan another Big channel Cartoon Network introduce in India who firstly partially broadcast on TNT channel after Popularity It Became first 24 hour Cartoon channel in India.After Cartoon Network there are many Cartoon Channel Like Disney Channel, POGO, Nickelodeon India,Hungama TV, Animax India,Toon Disney Started to Entertain Present days to Children. We are Here with the List of Cartoon Shows in India which are Popular All time in India.

10 Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

Mr-bean-animated Series

Image Courtesy: ITV

Mr Bean Who one don’t know his name. He is not Popular among children but also in Adults. Mr.Bean Introduce two Version of Show first is TV Series and Another is Animated Series. In India on POGO TV Channel we can see this show. This Show is not Only popular in India but also in all over world people like to watch a Person make to Laugh without speaking any word. Whenever I Saw children watching this show I never irritate from this show and enjoy Its animated series also.

9 Oggy and the cockroaches

Top 10 Most Watched Cartoon Shows of All Time in India

Image Courtesy: cartoonnetworkindia

This is Another popular Cartoon show among children which aired on cartoon Network. There are many movies are also made of this cartoon show. It is Popular across the world but I personally also like to watch this show sometimes Because in This show Hindi voice of Oggy is Like Famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and Oggy’s Brother’s Voice is Like Sunny Deol . All the Cockroaches voices are like Mumbai Tapori Language . I saw many children to speak their dialogue like “Mar gaya re Baaa” “Meri to Band Baj gai” “MAst He re Baba” Entertain me.

8 Mickey Mouse Club

Mickey Mouse club House

Image Courtesy: disneychannel

Mickey Mouse Club Character were made by Walt Disney Which is top Animated movies Company in the World. This show was aired on Zee TV as “Disney Hour” in Evening 5 to 5:30 PM. The character of Disney House were too much popular in 90’s that my friends make paintings of mickey in their Notebook. In This show Micky is Main character and Others are Minnie, Donald duck , Goofy and Pluto. The Voice of Mickey in Hindi Format was very polite as he giving motivational speech to anyone.There were Many Children Accessories Like Boxes, Pencils, T Shirts and Stickers are come up with Mickey’s Cartoon.

7 Talespin

Tale spin

Image Courtesy: disneychannel

Tale Spin is Another Popular Among 90’s Children . In This show a Character named Baloon was a Pilot who every time Land his Plane by Crashes. He and his Friends Kit always try to do adventurous Things. In This Show Negative character was played by Share Khan and his Team. This Show Gain Popularity on DoorDarshan among 90’s Children .

6 Duck Tales

duck Tails

Image Courtesy: disneychannel

This is Another Favorite show of mine. Duck Tales is a Story of a Millionaire named “Uncle Scrutch” . His Story surrounds his Nephes “Lui, Mui , chuis” Who always made problems to uncle scrutch. This Shows every episode was mysterious as I have Download all of Its episode from internet and whenever I Feel Boring then I like to watch this Show.

5 Ben 10


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I Can’t Explain much about this Show as I personally never Watched this Show but this is an Popular Show among Current age children. I watched many children wearing Thirsts of Ben 10 and School Bags of Ben 10. There is a Hollywood Movie also made of Ben10. Ben 10 is a Super Hero who Saves Life of Peoples. I can’t write much about ben 10 But Today’s Children will tell you whole Story of this Show.

4 Jungle Book


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Jungle Book AKA Mowgli was a Popular cartoon Character of 90’s Children . The Theme song of this show can be Hear Today by many peoples “jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai , chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai phool khila hai ” . This Show Story Revolves around a Child who Lost his Parents in childhood and taken care by Wild Animals in jungle. A Wolf Family take care of mowgli and some other character like Bear, Snake and Monkeys helped in jungle. There is a villainous character in this show was sher khan. I Loved to watch this show in my childhood on Doordarshan.

3 Doremon


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Another Popular show for current Generation children. Doremaon is a Cartoon Character of Japan who enjoy his life in a Different way . This Show was firstly Aired on Hungama TV then Disney channel and now on Cartoon Network. children are gathered near Tv Like Saying “Doremon AA Gaya”.

2 Chhota Bheem


Image Courtesy:  chhotabheem

India’s first Popular Cartoon Channel “POGO” owned by Green Gold Production Prove that Animation of Indian Cartoon can also make Big Impact on Children. He Proved it by Launching Show “Chhota Bheem ” Which is Most Popular among Children and Adults Both. The Story of Chhota Bheem Revolves around a Super Hero child “Bheem” Who got Power by Eating “Laddu”. In This Show a Village named Dholakpur and its villagers plays various activities of Games. The Popular character of This show are Raju, Chutki, Kaaliya, Mausi , Maharaj, rajkumari . All this characters always make this show to get motivational impact on children . I also recommend children to watch this show If they Love to watch Cartoon Shows.

1 Tom and Jerry – Most Watched Cartoon Shows Ever

Tom and Jerry

Image Courtesy:  cartoonnetworkindia

In our list the top position in cartoon show List goes to Tom and Jerry. This is a show which is entertaining us from last 50 Years not only in india but also all over the world. The Story of this Show Revolves around a Cat and a mouse Who always Fighting with one other for fulfilling their Revenge. This show waas Created in 1940 in Black white then Get Popularity all over the World. I Personally Loved to watch the “Masti of Tom and Jerry” on Cartoon Network. But in My Opinion This show will remain forever not Only for Children but also fro adults for Many Years.

So Here Its Your Turn . Tell us in comments which is your Favorite Cartoon show.

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