Top 10 Best BROMANCE Pairs on Television

Bromance is a term that was not quite popular until very recent; but thanks to show business that this term was not only discovered and created but has also became quite popular amongst the TV and movie fans. Huge and loved response of the fans has made it quintessential in recipe of almost every TV show and lot of the movies that have been released lately. Whether it is the “Wingman” that helps hero to charm his lady love or the side kick of the “Superhero” that helps our beloved superhero to fight of the evil; there has always been a pair that goes side by side other than the lead romantic pair of the story and keeps viewers attracted to the story. So here are the 10 best Bromance pairs on TV that are spreading the magic of friendship in their own unique way:

10. Sheldon and Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)

Sheldon and Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)

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This show has been rocking TRPs and charts since its launch. Sheldon and Leonard are not your treat to eyes kind of TV actors but they sure are cute. And cutest is the bonding that you see between them in the show. Only a bro for sure has the right to disturb you while in your private moments with your lady friend and you know that Sheldon never misses that chance. Despite the quirks and irritating things done by Sheldon; Leonard still is his drive to wherever he wants to go and to return the favor; Sheldon actually obliges Leonard to play ‘funny’ car games with him. Bazinga!

9. Oliver Queen and John Diggles (Arrow)

Oliver Queen and John Diggles (Arrow)

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Adrenaline and emotions; you want to witness both at the same time; we suggest you take a look at the Bromance of Diggles and Oliver AKA Arrow. There are plenty of times when Diggles showed that he was not just some working partner of Oliver but a brother who wanted Oliver to have some life for his own and to open up. Want to see the soft side of Oliver; watch the episode in which he tells Diggles that no matter what happens; he (Diggles) will be his (Oliver’s) brother. John was the first person to join Ollie’s crusade and we know that the first was the best; Sorry Arsenal!

8. Raj and Howard (The Big Bang Theory)

Raj and Howard (The Big Bang Theory)

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Yet another Bromance for TBBH; but Raj and Howard are an essential part of this list. Watch Raj and Howard go on lady hunt with oozing confidence and you will understand why they are in the list. Of course Raj sometimes embarrasses Howard when people may mistake them as a gay couple due to Raj’s expression of friendship but both of them never quit on each other. Bernadette getting anxious over how close these 2 were before Howard met her is a sign that Bromance was at its peak.

7. Ted and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

Ted and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

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Sure, fans remember Ted in the serial as a lover boy who is on the quest of finding the love of his life; but this journey would be utterly boring and not so “Legen wait for it dary”; if it were not for Barney. This womanizer self acclaimed best friend of Ted even had a bro code written for bros across the globe which he himself always followed. Watch episode where Barney meets an accident while running recklessly after hearing the news of Ted’s accident and you will understand how intense this bromance actually was.

6. Troy and Abed (Community)

Troy and Abed (Community)

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Very often does it happen that the show gets popular not because of the lead pair in romance but due to the 2 guys in bromance; of course every name in this list is an example of the later and COMMUNITY is no different. Abed’s inadequate expression of emotions and overly emotional Troy sure are a recipe of laughter together. Their difference in nature sometime make them fall apart too but just like us they know it too that are better together. And do we need to say something about their dreamatorium!

5. Ted and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

Ted and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

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Ted and Marshall are friends who have not only been in the college together but also fantasize about growing old together with their respective partners. Their sword fight to take control of the apartment, their road trips to eat a pizza in which they would play “500 miles” song for all of the journey and zitch dog game in the car; these are all some epic memorable moments showcasing the precious bromance moments of Ted and Marshall. The way they both loved star wars and Ghostbusters and would get emotional over “Field of Dreams”; only bros can do that.

4. Turk and J.D. (Scrubs)

Turk and J.D. (Scrubs)

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It was a show that completed 10 successful years with fans yearning for more and Bromance between J.D. and Turk sure was the strongest pillar of this foundation. We miss the way they played Eagle (or EEAAAAGGGLLLLEEEE!); the way they reversed their roles where one is adopting the look of the other or where they make promises for eternity like meeting in heaven after they both die. These 2 are the friends who like spending more time together rather than going out and meeting new people.

3. Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street)

Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street)

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In a short span kind of life time like today; Bert and Ernie’s bromance definitely looks more than a lifetime. These are so popular that they have been mentioned in many other famous shows like Family Guy, Friends etc. They are so much popular that there was once even a petition signed by thousands of American fans that they must be married on the show. These 2 grownups share not just their house and room but a life and are never shown involved with anyone else. Epic and vintage is the word you are looking for their bromance!

2. Cory and Shawn (Boy Meets World)

Cory and Shawn (Boy Meets World)

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It’s never about feeling nostalgic but 90’s sure gave us some of the best moments of our life and Bromance is no different. Here we are discussing the Bromance of Cory and Shawn after show’s finale aired fifteen years ago. That is the magic. These 2 guys were just like a married couple and you will get plenty of incidents speaking in favor of this. For instance just remember the episode when Cory asks Shawn whether he is listening and Shawn replies “yeah I was just listening to the sound of your voice”. We actually would not mind even if the show has to be re released with the name of Cory meets Shawn. J

1. Joey and Chandler (FRIENDS)

Joey and Chandler (FRIENDS)

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2 bachelors; they both end up sharing an apartment due to the quirk of Mr. Heckles; but they both end up being bros for life. They are everything that best friends can be; their apartment is their bachelor pad and they are inseparable. Joey is like a kid in the relationship and Chandler does his best job taking care of him financially and also taking every punishment that he (Joey) gives him. They love their barcaloungers, they even adopted a duck and a chick together and they both have an alarm set up to remind them of watching Baywatch. And can we even forget about their foosball table? And don’t you dare forget the time when Chandler dreamt of an apartment with Monica but only a place above garage for Joey so that he can grow old there too.

So these were some of the best bromance pairs that are ever shown on TV. Now doesn’t matter whatever genre the show has been in which these pairs have been shown but their biggest lessons to friends out there is that a bro must be for another through every thick and thin. And that it is impossible for one to be alone if the other is out there.

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